A Student Internship: What I Learned at CMA Association Management

By Daniel Gagliano

As a marketing student, the development of innovative ideas is my passion. In searching for ways to garner professional experience in my field, I felt an internship at CMA Association Management was a great opportunity to practice my learned skills. Additionally, the close, cooperative setting at the organization was something I could appreciate. As part of the team, I conducted research for prospective members/sponsors and encouraged membership renewals.  I was exposed to all business aspects of association management, from financial statements to defining the brand personality of associations. Actions included developing plans for international expansion and monitoring social media presence online, as well as organizing a new association’s physical-to-digital filing transition.

Daniel Gagliano, CMA Association Management Fall 2014 intern

Throughout my time at CMA, I was shown that knowing the goals and objectives of a client is imperative to managing clients effectively. Whether expanding the size, revitalizing the image, or both, each client’s needs dictate the actions performed. By having my hands on client materials, I gained perspective on the density of elements involved in building a brand. I’ve also learned that associations are full of passionate members and leaders, making it easy to match their enthusiasm and work with their clear interests at mind.

Upon leaving CMA, I feel better prepared to enter the professional world of marketing and management as a whole. I’ve become familiar with the organizational structure of the field and learned to greatly value coworkers for their support. I also now know what brilliant leadership looks like, working for the inspiringly committed Gabrielle Copperwheat. Overall, I’m taking with me the ideals that I have seen the department value each day: open communication, cooperation, and a consideration for the future of all of their clients.

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