Hashtags: Easy Ticket to Promoting your Conference

Hashtags: Easy Ticket to Promoting your ConferenceThousands of tweets and North American Association of Commencement Officers members have been connected into one social media community by one hashtag-#NAACOConf.

Association members and conference attendees use this hashtag around the annual conference to build excitement-such as passport arrivals, photo contests and excitement from reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.

By creating a hashtag you can get attendees involved in posting, tweeting, sharing and promoting your next conference.

Hashtags, words or phrases preceded with the pound sign, are used on social media to connect comments on a specific topic and spark conversation. They are a way to communicate with your conference during any point of the event through most social media platforms.

It all starts with the advent of a new hashtag specific to your conference, like -#NAACOConf. With a generic hashtag like this, users can do a search on social media and see the history of the event as the same hashtag ties all of the events together, similar to an online social media scrapbook. Some choose to use their conference name and the year to start engaging users for each specific event.

Once you have a specific hashtag, it is important to communicate the conference’s official hashtag with all attendees. Launch the hashtag by posting it on the conference site and using it in official posts. Create a wide array of posts on different social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

According to HubSpot, tweets that include hashtags are 200% more likely to receive engagement than those without. By pushing the conference hashtag before the event and during, you will be able to get those conversations started immediately.

Use your conference hashtag to interact with people at the conference. Post questions using the hashtag and encourage responses with the hashtag and pictures.

The official hashtag may also be a potential trouble-shooting mechanism for people at the conference who post about issues at the conference, such as poor wifi and not being able to find rooms. To ensure a positive experience for all participants, the conference hashtag should be consistently monitored.

Additionally, if there are any announcements or schedule changes, the official conference hashtag may be used to inform those in attendance.

Finally, use your official hashtag to your advantage and be able to evaluate what worked and didn’t work at your conference. This is a perfect way to hear about the quality of your attendees’ experience.

Your conference isn’t over once the event ends. Continue to push your hashtag afterward with Throwback Thursday, or #tbt, posts, for example.
Remember, it doesn’t take much to get people involved at your conference. All you need to do is create an official hashtag and get posting!

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