How to Attract Millennials through Accredited Association Marketing and to Your Association

How to Attract Millennials through Accredited Association Marketing and to Your Association


You’ve probably heard a lot about this generation. But who are they really and how can you make your association attractive to this next wave of prospective members?

Millennials do not remember a time without computers, cell phones or the internet. Social media is part of their daily lives and just another way to remain in constant communication with the world around them. This has allowed the generation to develop an almost innate technological expertise that has never been seen before. Millennials will be able to help corporations expand their accredited association marketing strategies, by using social media. With ease and speed, millennials are able to efficiently multitask and consume large amounts of information in short periods of time.

The millennial generation might seem like an anomaly, but it represents the future of industry and you need to jump onto the bandwagon of progress. In order for companies to last, they need to be able to adapt and learn what is considered to be today’s new normal in the marketplace. As an organization, you constantly need to be recruiting new members who are active in the industry, to both grow your association and replace those who retire or drop out. You need fresh volunteers who can bring diversity of ideas and fresh thinking to your organization. Corporations will need to invest in training, corporate education, accredited association marketing and talent attraction in order to move forward and make positive changes that will help the growth and reputation of your organization.

Millennials are tech-savvy and forward thinking, but they are also young and just starting out in their careers. That’s where your opportunity lies. Advertise and position your association as an organization where millennials can find mentors, source job leads and grow their social and professional networks.

While your annual conference is always a great opportunity for members to connect in person, millennials will take it a step further. They will use the conference to meet people they’ve only interacted with online, build those in-person relationships and then continue to strengthen those relationships through further online communication and marketing throughout the year.

Remember, this is a generation that went to school each day and returned home to continue the conversations and interactions they had with their peers that day through texting and social media posts. Every association has committees that need to work together remotely to get things done. They are able to use their creativity and new ways of thinking to help generate new ideas and work towards the overall goal. Millennials have been practicing this, their entire lives; their innate talents can benefit you

Growing up, millennials talked to their friends, ate meals and texted…all at the same time. Who better to help your organization than someone who can handle multiple tasks and priorities? Millennials will be able to promote your organization through social media, and word of mouth, like never before. You need members who are committed to working full-time jobs, juggling a personal life and accomplishing goals. Make sure they understand, the high level of commitment, fortitude, and time that needs to be put in, in order for one to be successful.

So how can you recruit these great members? Here are several ways to get you started.

Ways to Teach and Recruit Great Members Using Accredited Association Marketing Techniques

It’s all about social media. If you’re not on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as a bare minimum, you need to create an account right away. Millennials spend a large portion of their day on their smart phones, tablets or laptops; they are checking social media hourly. LinkedIn is especially appropriate for businesses, as it acts as a social media platform geared towards fostering a professional networking community. There you can post photos, ask questions, share industry news and more while incorporating accredited association marketing techniques. Your organization can become a thought leader on this network by sharing the latest news and advice. It can also drive members and potential members to your website for more details. This brings us to the next point…

Have a mobile-friendly website. Millennials are so good at multitasking; they’ll probably be searching for information on the go, which means you’ll want them to be able to easily navigate your website from their smartphones. You want millennials to have easy access to your site, and having the ability to search and find information wherever they are. Reliability is important. You want your website to be up to date, comprehensible. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, not only will you look like an organization that’s stuck in the dinosaur age, but you run the risk of losing out on a specific market of prospective members. Having an outdated website is not attractive to anyone who wants to join a cutting-edge industry network, but luckily it is something that can easily be improved.

Offer a variety of challenging volunteer opportunities. Highlight the opportunities for creativity and collaboration. Allow your current employees to show their leadership skills to future potential employees. This can be accomplished by accredited association marketing strategies throughout the company, at job fairs, or by having an information table on College and University campuses. Another notion could be, reaching out to students who will soon be graduating, and inviting them to spend the day, allowing them to see what a typical day in the office would be. Giving them the opportunity to speak with employees who are working in the careers they are interested in post-graduation. Allowing them to get an idea and feel for your company and if they will be able to succeed in this atmosphere. Millennials will rise to the challenge if given the freedom to devise their own path to success. Associations can use this to their advantage.

Emphasize the constant and immediate interaction among members. If you have a members-only email group that can be customized to provide immediate notifications, highlight this feature. Millennials are used to instant gratification and juggling multiple projects on a daily basis. Be sure that the millennials and older generations are interacting and working well together. Millennials are more tech savvy and are able to multitask, which allows them to complete their work in various ways. They are able to execute work under pressure, along with having a different thought process, while working. If your employees to work well together, your company will only move forward and continue to have positive feedbacks via effective accredited association marketing techniques.

Be a coach or mentor. Millennials hope to be their own bosses. If they’re unable to do so, and have to work for boss, a large percentage of them want a boss to serve more as a mentor or coach. They’re looking for someone who is willing to train or help them learn what she needs to know to be prepared for their new job position. Designate someone in each department to train the new employees. Mentoring millennials is one of the most important elements for corporation’s success and development. By helping them to enhance their leadership  negotiations and communication skills this could give them an advantage to progress in their career, and also have a positive impact on your company and the work they do for you. This is why it is important to guide millennials though the different accredited association marketing techniques that you find successful.

Growth Opportunities. Millennials are looking to climb the corporate ladder. They want to be sure that the company or firm they are working for, provides various opportunities for them to grow and develop their careers. With the new generation, you want to implement different methods to grab their attention with. Have quarterly meetings with employees, and discuss their role and impact they have in the company. Discuss what their career goals are, and come up with a plan that allows them to see that they are moving in the right direction. Displaying to them to their different talents, and the various skill levels and years of experience they will need, in order to reach their overall goal. This will keep millennials interested in working for the company, knowing that they are going to be able to reach their goal while continuing to work here.