How to Use Video to Recruit New Association Members

We bet you’re already using direct mail, eBlasts, newsletters and social media to try and reach potential association members. But the real question is, are you using video? And if not, why not?

Unlike the written word, video is a way for prospective members to see and hear about your organization firsthand. It’s the closest thing they can get short of actually joining and attending your annual conference. Sure, some of your existing members will help recruit new members and some will join your association sight unseen. However, video is one of the most powerful tools you can use to bring your organization to life.

So, what specifically can video help you achieve?

Engage with your target audience.

When you can look into a camera and speak directly to your target audience, you create a lasting connection. According to statistics on, Online Publishers Association reported that 80 percent of viewers remember a video they have seen in the past month.

Sell member benefits.
Videos give your association a personality. They allow you to not only describe, but also to show the tangible benefits of membership in your association. Whether it’s the annual conference, regional training or peer-to-peer networking, video can show prospective member benefits firsthand.

Record member testimonials.
Reading words on a page is fine, but it’s a whole different experience when you see someone explaining what the organization means to them and how it has impacted their professional life for the better. Seeing facial expressions, a genuine smile and hearing varying voice intonations expressing positive emotions all connect the viewer with your association and make a lasting, impactful impression.

Help spread the word.
If you make your video short, sweet and fun, people will share it. Videos are easy to share via social media and people are more apt to watch a 30-second video than read a full page of statistics.

For some, the idea of making a video can feel intimidating and overwhelming. As with most things in life, a dash of time sprinkled with a bit of effort has the potential to create unmatchable, undeniable results for an association. The written word can, at times, fall flat. Videos are the powerhouse in immediate connectivity and emotional investment for potential members. Utilizing this tool can make a world of difference in increasing membership enrollment rates.

Gabrielle Copperwheat oversees association management at CMA. If you would like to leverage CMA’s experience in helping your association maximize membership and engagement, we’d love to chat. Please contact us at 800-852-4269 or email us at

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