Financial Oversight

Association Accounting Services

As your in-house controller, CMA provides your association with turnkey in-house financial oversight and CPA financial and tax services to support a results-driven focus on financial goals. Our comprehensive fiduciary capabilities offer CFO-level association financial services to analyze and manage your association’s financial affairs. We collect dues, manage investments, coordinate independent audits and can handle all banking and financial reporting functions. CMA also provides expertise via an established relationship with an independent, peer-reviewed CPA firm. As the cost of the financial function is shared among multiple CMA association clients, we provide an excellent value to your organization. Over the last decade, associations have evolved to operate in a more businesslike manner, particularly from the standpoint of financial management. Similar to our administrative role, CMA’s management of your association’s finances operates flawlessly and meets all the benchmarks of a fiscally sound relationship with your association to ensure your organization’s financial sustainability.

  • Financial review & reporting
  • Accounting services
  • CPA financial, tax, audit and reporting services
  • Timely balance sheets and P&L statements
  • Assist Board in annual budget preparation
  • Provide merchant banking/processing capability
  • Investment management
  • Receive all revenues and handle deposits, invoicing and collection

Need financial oversight that meets your goals? Begin working with your in-house controller today.