Leadership & Governance

Association Leadership Management

CMA’s executive leadership and governance acumen serves as an important catalyst for driving strategic discipline, forging effective member programming and organizational transformation, growth and success. Our governance counsel enables your directors to focus on strategic policy issues and your association’s future rather than administrative and operational tasks. By providing strategic and collaborative consultation to the Board of Directors and committees based on our deep association expertise and governance experience, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with your Board to streamline decision-making and free up time to focus on the big picture. CMA keeps long-term goals in sight and strives to consistently innovate new programs and services that power membership growth, event success and enhanced industry visibility.

  • Strategic direction and planning
  • Strategic marketing
  • Volunteer management
  • Board/committee support
  • Board liaison, committee support and reporting
  • Management of board nomination/election process
  • Proprietary performance executive tools
  • Board member transition and orientation
  • Maintain and update all governance documents

Move your organization’s mission and overarching goals for leadership forward today.