Association Membership Management

By powering winning member retention and recruitment strategies, CMA commands the full scope of membership acquisition, retention and program development and best practices to enhance the engagement and participation of your members. CMA supports development, implementation and administration of innovative member services to drive membership recruitment and retention to support the growth and financial health of your organization. Our strategies enhance your association’s membership value via year-round member engagement and connectivity. By becoming an integral part of your member’s professional lives, your association’s value elevates accordingly. Becoming connected to your members and potential members is step one. Staying connected to your members and potential members is what makes the difference in your association management company of choice. We never assume members to instantly renew. We operate based on the idea that by providing innovative membership values, committed communication and interactivity in association/member relations we can not only retain membership, but drive member referrals.

  • Retention & recruitment strategies
  • Member communications & promotions
  • Database administration
  • Chapter management and communications
  • Membership recruitment and renewal administration
  • Year-round member engagement
  • Certification program development and management

Pursuing membership growth? Create a memorable relationship with your members today.