Public Relations

Public Relations for Associations

At CMA Association Management (CMA), we believe “business” is another word for “relationship.” And that is how we practice our own unique brand of public relations. PR is a strategic tool that leverages relationships to build brands, which are really simple stories that make a promise so they stand out among the competition in a crowded marketplace. To make it easy to understand, we have created a linear formula for our PR process: reputation, relationships and revenue. In other words, the better reputation we create for your organization, the more relationships you will have. For associations in particular, more relationships yield higher membership and a more solid bottom line. Here’s how we have used the same formula to build our own brand… and our client’s: We hire former newsroom journalists and editors to create PR campaigns. Let’s face it: Who knows news and who understands how the media works better than those individuals who worked in that industry for 10+ years? We get results, placing one of our clients in the news – on average—every 12 hours. (Yes, we are including nights, weekends and holidays.) We actually use karma to build better reputations. (But you’re going to have to contact us to hear more about our secret ingredient.)

  • Media relations
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  • Crisis communications
  • Relationship marketing
  • Interpersonal communications
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Looking to create relationships? Build your brand by leveraging your relationships today.