Company culture

At CMA, we’re passionate about creating a work environment that fosters growth, empowerment, support, creativity and solutions. Our office is filled with passionate people that abide by a series of principles known as ‘Crew Values’ ranging from enthusiasm and excellence to accountability and solution-oriented (see below). Our goal every day is to create and embrace a work environment that fosters personal and professional growth, creativity and an atmosphere that allows for unlimited amounts of solutions to be generated for our clients. During the summer months, the CMA Crew joins for regular company-wide barbeques around our picnic tables and comes together for team-building relay races. From a Thanksgiving potluck celebration to bowling in the winter, the Crew balances their dedication to their work with team activities. The best part? Our pet-friendly office allows for our loved furry family members to come along for every moment of it.

So, what’s with the dogs? We’re passionate about our associations. We’re just as passionate about our animals. From 100 pound St. Berdoodles to rescued Boxers to mini Cavapoos, CMA has, at all times, at least one four-legged friend in the building. The presence of our furry companions has created a space to decrease stress levels in a hectic, high-speed work environment, while allowing our clients the flexibility to bring their pets along to meetings at our office.

Crew Values 
It’s who we are.

PASSION We demonstrate unmatched client loyalty because we’re passionate about our clients and the services we provide.
ENTHUSIASM We radiate positive energy and invigorate those around us.
EXCELLENCE We anticipate, initiate and execute with a sense of urgency.
PROFESSIONALISM We are competent, skilled and respectful in all that we say, do and represent.
SOLUTION-ORIENTED We drive “out-of-the-box” solutions for clients and colleagues.
ACCOUNTABILITY We take responsibility for all that we say and do.
TEAMWORK We harness the power of teamwork. We supersedes me.

Our organization is staffed with the most creative, dependable, efficient and professional individuals in the marketplace. Looking to join the CMA Crew? Click here.